The natural environment of the cottage

The natural secrets of Les Casetes

The Naturalwalks are outings and walks through the natural environment that surrounds each Les Casetes estate. With this activity we want to bring all those who visit us closer to the natural environment that we are fortunate to have within our reach. We want you to get to know, enjoy and interpret nature and its relationship with the inhabitants and culture of each place through an experience with specialised guides.

More information about the experience

A walk through the most surprising nature in the gardens, woods and natural surroundings of Les Casetes.

At each stop you will discover how nature is often not what it seems. And through the experience of plants, animals, mushrooms and fungi or the geology of the environment, you will be in for more than one surprise!

Duration of the activity

Between 1,5 and 3 hours. Choose for yourselves!


The difficulty is minimal. During the walk there will be no steep slopes or difficult steps.


The guided walk can be done in Catalan, Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

All Naturalwalks guides speak perfect English. According to the guide, other languages are also available.

Services complementary to this activity

The activity can be complemented with a personalised final cocktail with wild plants or a pairing with flowers.

How to book the experience?

If you are staying in one of our cottages and would like to complement your stay with the “The natural secrets of Les Casetes” experience, please contact Naturalwalks to make a reservation for the day.

The experiences we offer in Les Casetes are carried out by professionals specialised in each area that we have selected based on the quality of their services.