Person doing an oil tasting

Tasting of extra virgin olive oils

Let yourself be seduced by Catalan artisan cheeses with this wine tasting with sommelier Laura Masramon at les Casetes.

More information about the experience

An activity to taste and get to know in depth the liquid gold: extra virgin olive oil, a key product in the Mediterranean diet. You will learn about different aromas and flavours, to detect the quality of the oil, the ripeness of the olives and the different varieties, such as Argudell, the local Empordà variety, Arbequina, Corbella and Picual.


Groups of between 2 and 60 people


1 h and 30 min.

How many oils will we try?

Five different oils, except for small groups, which will have four.

How to book the experience?

If you are staying in one of our cottages and would like to complement your stay with the “Tasting of extra virgin olive oils” experience, please contact Laura Masramon to make a reservation for the day.

The experiences we offer in Les Casetes are carried out by professionals specialised in each area that we have selected based on the quality of their services.