1. Castell de Sant Ferran (Figueres)

It is the largest 18th century fortress in Europe. It is situated on a hill and covers an area of 32 hectares with a perimeter of 3.120 metres.

Due to its size, the visits to the Castell of Sant Ferran are grouped into two blocks: some take place in the Inner Enclosure and others around the Exterior and the Underground Spaces.

2. Aiguamolls de l’Empordà

Els Aiguamolls de l’Empordà Natural Park has an approximate surface area of 4,722.7 hectares, of which some 824 hectares are a strictly protected integral nature reserve. The Park is located in the Alt Empordà region and is made up of different municipalities such as Castelló d’Empúries and Sant Pere Pescador.

It is open every day from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm in winter and from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm in summer and has two areas that can be visited: the route from the Cortalet and the Vilaüt route. The two routes will allow you to see a great diversity of wildlife as well as making numerous stops to contemplate the fabulous scenery.

3. Route of the “Petit Príncep” in L’Escala

On the Riells de l’Escala promenade we find several elements of Saint-Exupéry’s fairy tale: the asteroid B-612, the three volcanoes on the planet, the baobabs and the rose, the Fox, and perched on a stone wall with the Mediterranean in the background: el petit Príncep. A route that will remind you that you were once children and where the little ones will be able to enjoy the magic of this tale.

4. Banyoles Lake and Draga Park

You can go around the lake of Banyoles on foot or by bicycle. The path is flat and easy, both for adults and children, and the walking duration is about 2 hours and 30 minutes. If you go all the way round, you will pass through the Draga Park, where there are Neolithic sites that you can also visit.

5. The Croscat volcano (Olot)

Croscat is located between the municipalities of Santa Pau and Olot. It is one of the largest volcanoes of its category on the peninsula and the curious thing is that we can see inside it. The best way to visit the Croscat volcano is to go on a 2.9 km hike (approximately one hour and with no gradients) suitable for everyone. Highly recommended to enjoy the surrounding Garrotxa landscape.